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Jinan Husman Trading Co., LTD is an enterprise which engages in R&D, manufacture, and sell of alcohol equipment, distillery manufacturer, ethanol equipment, carbon dioxide equipment (CO2 equipment),DDGS equipment,starch residue and its supporting equipments. As a branch company ofJinan Keyu Zhanye Technology & Equipment Co., LTD(http://en.keyualcohol.com), it has reliable technical support and abundant economic potentiality. Our mission is to build customer satisfaction with our top-ranking technology, top-ranking equipment, top-ranking credit standing and top-ranking service. Choose us, you also choose a sincerely friend and a reliable copartner.

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    Description: Our company can design and manufacture various alcohol equipments according to the requirements of our customer. We can also provide turn-key project of the complete plant. The production line adopted with the update technology and equipment of China ,the features are the technique flow easy and smooth , rational distribution of equipment ,processing datum controlled automatically ,ensure high quality of product .

    Technology and equipments for taking starch residue (potato starch residue, cassava starch residue or sweet potato starch residue) as raw material to produce alcohol. This technology can make good use of starch which is contained in starch residue.

    Alcohol production equipment of solid state fermentation
  • Alcohol production equipment of solid state fermentation

    1) Evaporation water of the entire system returns back for material agitation during production. 2) Vinasse centrifugate returns back for material agitation during production, investment in evaporation section can be greatly reduced, and also energy saving effect is obvious………

    DDGS equipment
  • Complete plant of DDGS

    For the purposes of not only protecting the environment entirely and effectively, but also to deal with investments and energy consumption of the project economically and reasonably, on the basis of abundant investigations, researches and practices, we brought the long term and plentiful practice experiences of the researchers into full play, and synthesized the features of several individual technologies, a new zero release process of vinasse filtrate was meticulously researched and successfully developed by our company, also ideal effects have been achieved.

    Complete plant of waste water disposal
  • Complete plant of waste water disposal